How To

How to apply your Prismatips Nail Wraps

    Watch our founder Nicole walk through the step-by-step process of how to apply Nail Wraps by watching the tutorial video below:

    Step 1 - Prep your Nails:

    • Clean nails with nail polish remover and make sure they are completely dry. Make sure nails are not oily.
    • (Optional) Apply a base coat to your nails to help make nail surface have an extra grip for the nail wrap to adhere to even more securely. Helpful if you have naturally oily or very smooth nails.

    Step 2 - Nail Wrap Application. Follow the steps illustrated on the back of your Prismatips nail kit shown below:

    *Make sure to watch the video tutorial before applying your first set of nail wraps to guarantee better application and durability.

    Step 3 - Nail Wrap Maintenance:

    • (Optional) We really recommend applying a top coat to protect the nail wraps and increase durability of them on your nails.
    • *Make sure to use a non quick drying clear top coat. This is very important to prevent issues with the nail wraps.

    Step 4 - Nail Wrap Removal:

    • Use a regular nail polish remover to take them off like if they were regular nail polish. You can also use an oil or nail polish remover to lift the edges off and very gently peel off your nails.