Our Story

Doing your own manicure is more than just a means to the perfect nail look. This is a time in the day to really dedicate to self care and self love. Years of doing her own nails as a way to relax and enjoy after a long day led our founder Nicole to pursue her dream to create her own line of designer nail wraps.

Creating nail art was hard work and not easy to do for everyone by hand using nail polish. I thought, how can this be easier and a relaxing experience rather than a frustrating one in which your only option is to go to a nail salon. From there I discovered the beauty of nail wraps. The easiest and most accessible way to get your own nail art done at home. This was a total game changer. 

Nicole comes from a long career in fashion working in design. Prismatips was born as a way to share her two favorite passions, art and nails, with the world. Each of our designs was drawn by our founder to land on your nails perfectly and step up your nail game. We are excited for you to join our journey at Prismatips and find a new way to enjoy the mani art experience!